2014 New Years Mud Run


In the United States, hundreds of people find an alternative way to greet the New Year. They choose to participate in the annual rotten mud racing, although braved the biting cold of winter to participate, put herself thrown into a panic, but also music open arms.

Participants dressed in fancy dress, only four degrees Celsius in temperature, bolted to the river, was the most important thing is wallowing in the mud 400 meters wide.

To walk, easily turning back, some people choose to force crawl forward, creeping forward; Some people are more relaxed.

Participants said that this is worse than last year, beginning of the game my feet sank into the mud, in several Han’s help, only then dug my feet are really crazy.

Toss, a struggle, it took four minutes to finish the championship the hard dirt.

After the game, wash away the mud at the moment, put the Buddha have bad luck in the past year to say goodbye. The orientation program alternative, loved by the American people, they have the mentality of holding the competition entertain themselves, but also for fundraising activities.

Interesting Mud Racing

dalehighPower, off-road, enjoying nature is always between a man and the pursuit of eternal topic. When the engine roar, mud splattered, dust flying, no one will back down, this is the life of a man to glory and the best interpretation. In the crowded city of reinforced concrete under pressure, we need to go at a free mind. Cross-country, no doubt for the construction of these souls yearning for freedom paradise.

In the US gathered Shaanxi Province 13 off-road racing team of 42 players as well as many off-road riders who braved the winter cold wind, driving off-road vehicles in the flood track shuttle, Mercedes-Benz.

When asked why off-road? Why run? They might just smile, just for fun, just plan a fun. But for most people this is perhaps off-road value. It has nothing to success regardless of the age, beauty and ugliness, independent of fame, independent of intrigue, cross-country road, off-road vehicles only between heaven and earth and brothers. Cross-country march was written for his new road rock; cross country is not just to live, but insists there is a living law of life choices!